How To AVOID Painful Hunchback Posture

As You Age

Even If You Work At A Desk


With SIMPLE movements for our posture, spine, shoulders, neck, eyes and hips repeated THROUGHOUT your day to breakup long periods seated at your desk.


Mandatory If You
Work A Desk Job!

Random workouts, mobility videos, posture corrections,
chiro visits, massages, and rehab with your PT leaving you even more lost?

It's because you haven't added simple movement
THROUGHOUT your DAY to break up long periods seated.

This is the key to living PAIN FREE and AGING with CONFIDENCE, WITHOUT developing a hunchback.


Want to AGE with
CONFIDENCE? and END your stiffness, aches, & pains?

But NOT JUST any movement if you want the BEST results. The movement must be done in a SIMPLE that takes your spine & hips through its biggest range of motion possible in EVERY DIRECTION.

Which is why I created..


30-DAY Simple Posture Progression




In this follow-along video flip book program Coach Eli shows you EXACTLY...

Routines in this book will NEVER go longer than 5 minutes at a time. Some being as short as 30 seconds.

You learn how to start adding in movement throughout your day instead of in one-sitting like at a gym or yoga class.
THAT is sustainable.
THAT is preparing for real life.
THAT is what has been MISSING from all your past attempts at this whole posture, stretching, and fitness thing.

After purchasing this program you will have a MANUAL for how to STAY PAIN-FREE at your desk for LIFE.

You can repeat the program ANY TIME throughout the year AS MUCH AS YOU’D LIKE.